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The set of yachtsman "Basic" is your helper under sail!

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Have you ever wondered what to bring on a yacht trip? And so that all these things are really useful ...

Based on our many years of sailing experience, we have created for you a set of yachtsmen, which collected only the most necessary and practical components.

These are the things you will need on your first cruise!


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The set of yachtsman "Basic" includes:

Sailing gloves

These fingerless gloves are made of neoprene for natural movement and greater grip while sailing. Velcro strap under the wrist makes it easy to fasten / unfasten.

Gloves for mooring

Polyurethane coated palms and fingertips. Elasticated cuffs, breathable back and seamless lining for comfort.

Visor cap for sailing and travel

Protects the head and face from the sun. There is a convenient size adjuster. There is a drawstring on the cap that will prevent loss in a squally wind.

Microfiber towel

Compact - does not take up much space, absorbs 4 times more water than a cotton towel, and dries quickly. Size: 70x140 cm.


Used in the prevention and treatment of symptoms of vestibular and labyrinth disorders. An indispensable thing on a cruise! The active substance is dimenhydrinatum 20mg.  1 plate of 5 tablets. Before use, consult your personal doctor. 

Cord for glasses

The cordis designed to fix glasses during breaks and during use. It is an indispensable element both in everyday life and during active types of recreation.

Self Adhesive Waterproof Bandage

This is a great improved version of the already familiar gauze bandage. It has good water resistance, easy to use.

Compact LED flashlight with 3 LED lights

It has such characteristics: small compact size, brightness: 36LM, power: 0.36 watts. There is a clip that allows you to attach a flashlight to the cap.

Eternal match

This is your reliable assistant, ready to come to the rescue and give out fire in extreme conditions. Compact, waterproof and windproof!

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