Standart Horizon HX890E with GPS


New marine radio - NEW 2019!

FLOATING marine hand-held radio with GPS, available in two colors - black and navy blue (navy blue).
You can change the MMSI number and ATIS code yourself.


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- frequency range: 156.025 MHz - 161.600 MHz

- all international maritime channels

- radiotelephone floating on the water surface

- meets ITU-R M493-14 DSC class H and MIL-STD-810F standards

- separate receiver for channel 70 (receiving DSC calls)

- waterproof construction corresponding to IPX8 class (1.5 m for 30 minutes)

- built-in 66 channel WAAS GPS receiver

- automatic activation of the SOS emergency light when the radio falls into water - even when it is turned off

- Monitor Group function - by selecting a member of the group, you can start navigation using this function. HX890 has the ability to record 10 groups with 9 members in each group

- the ability to enter and store up to 250 waypoints and 30 routes, and provide navigation data for each of them

- navigation to call DSC in distress

- MOB function (man overboard)

- automatic transfer of GPS position of the ship, which also uses DSC

- 6 watts of transmit power

- a large readable LCD display with Full Dot-matrix, 1.7 "x 1.7" (43.2 x 43.2 mm), high resolution, voluminous characters, bold markings, guaranteeing excellent visibility in all conditions

- NIGHT mode selection available - significantly improving the visibility and legibility of signs at night, by exchanging white and black daytime signs

- simple, intuitive operation thanks to the "Easy To Operate" menu; using any function requires only a few buttons

- ergonomic shape, non-slip rubber housing

- DSC functions: emergency alarm with position sending, call to all ships, emergency call, individual call, position request, sending position, group call

- programmed scanning, priority scanning, double or triple scanning

- navigation information (LAT / LON, SOG, COG) displayed on the display

- noise reduction during transmission and reception, very good 700 mW audio of the internal speaker

- USB DATA port - NMEA output for DSC, DSE, GLL, RMC, GSA, GSV and GGA protocols (9600 baud), and GPS data download

- speed dial button up to 10 channels

- lithium-ion battery with 1800 mAh capacity, guaranteeing up to 11 hours of operation (assuming cycle: TX 5 sec: RX 5 sec: Standby 90 sec, work 6W power, GPS: ON, DSC: ON

Large LCD display

The design of the large display (43.2 mm x 43.2 mm) allowed the use of extensive signs and bold markings, which significantly increased visibility in difficult conditions. In addition, the MENU / SET button on the front panel allows direct access to the menu screen and settings.

Built-in 66-channel WAAS GPS

The 6W FLOATING HX-890 hand-held radio has a very sensitive 66-channel GPS receiver that allows quick and precise positioning. The position is clearly shown on the display, the user is able to forward this data via DSC or navigate to a specific point.

Floating on water, waterproof IPX8, solid housing

The HX890E radio is waterproof and has been constructed based on the IPX8 standard, guaranteeing leak-tightness up to 1.5 m for 30 minutes. The radio does not sink, but floats on water! The housing is made of solid casting, thanks to which the radio will work in the most difficult environment.

Sailing to designated landmarks

This radio model has the ability to enter and save up to 250 landmarks and 30 routes, navigate to them, navigate to request DSC positions. This significantly increases the functionality of the radio as a navigation aid.

Monitor Group

A new function using DSC Calling Group Positions allows you to save 10 groups with 9 members in each.

6 W transmit power

To save the battery, the user has a choice of 1W, 2.5W, 5W, and 6W power for transmission at maximum distances.

Man overboard

In distress, the MOB (Man over Boat) function allows you to permanently record the location of an overboard event.

The integrated mail encryption system

Two encryption function systems are available: 4-code type (CVS2500A) and 32-code type (FVP-42).

Noise reduction

To facilitate work, the noise reduction function was used during transmission and reception.

Audio speaker

The HX890E is designed so that the signal can be heard in even the loudest environments - a 700 mW internal speaker is used.

Built-in radio receiver

The manufacturer has a built-in FM radio in the HX890 radio.

MMSI number and ATIS code can be changed

The user manual will guide you through the process of changing the MMSI number and ATIS code.

The set includes:

- HX890E - transceiver part,

- CAT460 - marine antenna,

- SBR-13Li - 7.4 V lithium-ion battery, 1800 mAh,

- SBH-32 - charging base,

- SAD-25 - charger for SBH-32,

- E-DC-19A - lighter cable for SBH-12,

- SBT-13 - container for AAA alkaline batteries (5 pieces),

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