Linen shirts

The white shirt has a unique phenomenon; when you wear it, you ALWAYS look stylish, fashionable and modern.

A snow-white linen shirt on a tanned body looks insanely beautiful when you stand at the helm of a yacht, stroll along the embankment of the sea town in the evening or drink mint mojito in a small bar of a colorful fishing village.

Unique embroidery will emphasize your personality. You are an avid fisherman or a fisherwoman with a dream of catching blue marlin, have you dreamed of traveling on a ship of Christopher Columbus since childhood, or want to go around the world? Order our shirts - and you will become closer to your dream!

But it is not only beautiful, but also practical! Our products are sewn from linen with the addition of cotton. Linen fabric pleasantly cools the body, because it has excellent breathing properties and thermoregulation. A person’s temperature is 3-4 degrees lower in linen clothes than in synthetic clothes. And the addition of cotton makes the shirt pleasant to the touch, comfortable to wear, “flowing” along the figure. Your shirt will serve more than one marine season, linen is a practical, wear-resistant material.

A snow-white linen shirt with embroidery is perfect for a gift.

Linen shirts

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