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We offer a wide selection of convenient practical things to every person who enjoys active activities in our Aquarius online store. AQR products are exactly suitable for our future skippers, who are trained at the yachting school BB Yachting and yachtsmen with experience.
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Thanks for the radio Standart Horizont and Spinlock Lifejacket. Products - very high quality, fully justify their price. Safety comes first! Delivery was done within a week, and this is considering that the lifejacket is delivered from England, and the price is the same as that of the manufacturer.


I received this wonderful shirt as a gift from friends. They are well aware of my passion for yachting. I often wear this linen shirt when we relax on a yacht with my family. Linen is practical and cools in the hot summer, white color looks great on a tanned body. The shirt is over-size, very comfortable to wear.

Julia Gress