Yacht clothing

Aquarious, or AQR yachting clothing, was created by a yachtsman for people who love sailing, water sports and leisure. The author and manufacturer of AQR yachting clothes, a skipper with 30 years of sailing experience, the founder of BB Yachting school, Bogdan Brodowski. He embodied all his experience, desires and requirements for yacht clothes in his products. Clothing has several patents: a patented hood that increases the viewing angle; patented stop lifting up element for added comfort.

The clothes are sewn from a modern Toyota Tsusho Gelanots membrane (Japan), with the highest waterproof and vapor removal properties. Seams are glued.

The accessories of world manufacturers YKK, 3M are used. Reflectors comply with SOLAS standards.

Distinctive features of AQR yachting clothes are a complete individualization for each client. Name, blood type on the chest plate of reflective film; reflective logo with unique graphics that the client can choose; chevron with flag.

In our clothes, great attention is paid to details: corrugated organizer, warm pockets, additional pockets for a knife and a walkie-talkie, and many other things that will facilitate and improve your stay on a yacht, ship, even in extreme situations.

Yacht clothing

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