Women's Flip Flop


SoftScience brings the science of soft to extended-size flip-flops. Most conventional flip-flops don’t offer the support needed for your feet, back and joints. SoftScience offers the most comfortable flip-flop that larger men will ever wear. Incorporating the unique SoftScience Trileon cushioning technology, Skiffs offer the same supreme comfort as the rest of the SoftScience styles, bringing a stable, cushioned flip-flop to men.

  • Lightweight, superbly cushioned, and stable
  • Proper cushioning and support speeds post-activity recovery by improving blood circulation in the foot
  • Arch support to reduce heel pain (plantar fasciitis), knee, and back pain
  • Soft toe post and straps for a secure, comfortable, all-day fit
  • Universal Comfort Platform stabilizes and supports feet
  • Trileon non-marking, slip-resistant outsole



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The unique properties of Trileon ™ - softness, stability and light weight - make it possible to produce shoes weighing only 170 to 280 grams, comfortable with high impact resistance and support. Trileon ™ is used in durable shoe soles and a removable washable insole. The outsole and insole together create a unique comfort that is the "WOW" effect of the SoftScience ™ shoe. The Trileon ™ insole provides superior comfort and stability, but you can also remove and replace it with your own orthopedic insoles.

Attractive, functional, comfortable and sturdy lace-up boating shoes with upgraded all-synthetic textile laces. These non-slip boating shoes offer best in class foot support and traction on any slippery surface including boat decks, beaches docks, and jetties.

Shoes that are not afraid of water. A mesh upper that allows your foot to breathe and drain water, sweat ensures your feet are always dry. 

SoftScience Comfort Shoes keep your foot horizontal with zero heel lift and drop, allowing your body to align correctly. Shoes have a spacious toe box and a comfortable fit that allows your foot and toes to sit comfortably as nature intended and relax.The contoured outsole of the shoe is designed to evenly distribute your body weight and reduce pressure points on the heel.

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