AQUARIUS for outdoor activities - a brand created by Bogdan Brodowski - a traveler, yachtsman, businessman, founder of the international company BB and his own yachting school, author of the unique training manual Skipper. Yachtsman's Handbook. "

  • BB Yachting

    BB Yachting

    #1 yachting school of the international associations of sailing schools ISSA in Ukraine

  • ISSA
  • SoftScience™


    The science behind SoftScience™ supreme comfort footwear is a combination of our materials package and design platform.

  • Spinlock


    Spinlock is an independent and innovative company, widely acknowledged as the world expert in ropeholding. Based in Cowes, UK, the 'Home of Yachting', Spinlock has over thirty years experience of designing and manufacturing rope holding equipment for sailing boats, from dinghies up to the largest superyachts.

  • Standart Horizont