Book. Cruz and Fox. The day before


Author: Anton Sanchenko

Language: Ukrainian

Number of pages: 272


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It is not surprising that the first Russian round-the-world expedition was commanded by a German and a Ukrainian - it was the Ukrainians and the Germans who built the Russian Empire. It is amazing how the Russians are able to appropriate and make all successful leaders "Russian people", even if the surname of one of them is von Krusenstern and he is an Estland baron, and the other is Lisyansky and he is from a Cossack regimental city. Nizhin in all biographies of Lisyansky passes through a patter and does not differ in any way from some Russian town, and he is introduced to Kruzenshtern just before the departure of the expedition from Kronstadt, despite the fact that they studied together at the Naval Cadet Corps, fought and were together for many years practice in the British Navy. Anton Sanchenko undertook to reconstruct the beginning of the stellar career of the future Knight of the Order of St. George, owner of a personalized golden sword, captain of the first rank Yuri Lisyansky. The result is an exciting and witty story about fateful feasts and a properly chosen godfather, about the benefits of learning foreign languages ​​... результате получилась захватывающая и остроумная рассказ о судьбоносных застолья и правильно выбранного кума, о пользе изучения иностранных языков ... 

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