AQR (AQUARIUS) for outdoor activities - a brand created by Bogdan Brodowski - a traveler, yachtsman, businessman, founder of the international company BB and his own yachting school, author of the unique training manual Skipper. Yachtsman's Handbook. "

 Lusi and Bogdan Brodowski

Bogdan Brodowski at the helm since 1980. During all this time, numerous trips and adventures under sails forced him to constantly take care of the comfort and convenience not only of himself, but also of the crew, team and students. Once he will write more than one adventure novel about unforgettable, sometimes very extreme journeys.

But in 2017, Bogdan, along with his wife Lusi, with thoughts about everyone who goes to meet the elements, decide to create clothes that will be not only convenient, but also functional, thoughtful to the smallest, from the best fabric that can withstand the long years of testing with wind, water, rain and sun...

The family of yachtsmen that travels a lot and at the same time loves comfort and practicality is not limited to the production of yacht clothing. Since then, the desire to share with other useful, proven things, not only for yachting, but in general for active recreation is only growing. And in 2020, the AQR store appears.

In addition to harsh weather clothing, we offer light, natural linen shirts for your unforgettable cruises to warm countries, comfortable SoftScience shoes, as well as Spinlock life jackets and sea walkie-talkies and Standard Horizon radio stations. And many more gifts for any taste for all lovers of outdoor activities.

Why exactly are we?

We offer a wide selection of convenient practical things to every person who enjoys active activities in our Aquarius online store. As well as, AQR products are exactly suitable for our future skippers, who are trained at the yachting school BB Yachting and yachtsmen with experience.

The ideologist of the brand is a professional and experienced yachtsman Bogdan Brodovsky, who does not imagine himself without travel and adventure! He developed and embodied all his knowledge and experience in yacht clothes of the highest quality, is sewn under his personal control!

Also, we officially represent such global manufacturers as Standard Horizon, which for many years have been producing the best electronics for ships on the market and TM Spinlock, which is an innovator in the category of maritime safety equipment. AKR organizes direct deliveries of these goods of the highest quality from the most manufacturers without any intermediaries.

Based on our many years of yachting experience, as well as unlimited love for other types of active recreation, we managed to collect really useful, diverse products that can satisfy the needs of everyone who is on the same wave with us and become their real assistants not only in cruises under sail, hikes, tracking, rafting, etc., but also in everyday life.

If you dream of comfort and practicality during active rest, we are waiting for us!